Relationship Deal-breakers: Financial Details You Must Never Lie About

Traversing finances is tough enough when you are single. Being in a relationship is tougher. Today, we talk about the financial details you must never lie to your partner about. A relationship is more than just the combination of two unique individuals. It is also a unification of financial responsibilities.

When you are in a long haul relationship, there are certain things about your finances that must never be lied about. Here are some of them:


Nothing kills romance like crippling debt. Debt happens to the best of us and it is not something that you should hide from someone that you are in a long-term relationship with. It would be important to give your partner the option of deciding if they want to deal with your debt or not. It is ultimately unfair of you to keep something that could ruin both your credit ratings to yourself.

You never know, your partner may be the understanding type and may even help you with paying off your debt.

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Source of Income

When you are both working toward a future together, it makes no sense to lie about your source of income. Emotion should play second fiddle when it comes to the topic of finances. While you would never appreciate it if your partner lied about where they were getting their money, you should afford that same respect for them.

Be honest about your source of income and how much you make. When you do not trust your partner with critical information about yourself, you are primarily setting yourself up for failure. Being clear about how much you make can make planning for your future purchases and financial investments easier.

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Financial Responsibilities

This should not be confused with debt. Financial responsibilities refer to car payments, utilities, groceries, gas, and all the lovely little things that bug our wallets on a monthly basis. Are you helping out a family member with their finances? Are you sending a sibling to school? These are regular financial responsibilities that may take a bite out of your monthly income.

If your partner has an idea of how much you should be making but you are not saying where it is going. They may start to suspect something suspicious is going on. A relationship requires two people willing to be frank with each other. If your partner cannot rely on you for the truth, what is the point of being together?

In Closing

If you do plan on staying with your partner for the rest of your life, you must be honest about your financial standing. If they do not accept any of this, then you should take that as a clear sign that they are not the right person for you.

The topic of finances is something that must be approached with open minds and clear intent. This saves you from any trouble down the road. So with this, it would be time to reevaluate the financial details that you have been lying about. Good luck!