Should You Fix or Toss: the Gadget Edition

Everyone has gadgets these days. However, it is only a matter of time when they start to mess up or breakdown. In that case which is the better financial decision: fix it or toss it out? There are a lot of reasons why gadgets are primarily indispensible. They make it easy to stay in touch, they allow you to work from anywhere, and it allows you to stay in touch with the latest updates and important news.

While it is unfortunate that with constant use and even some unforeseen accidents gadgets will start messing up, it is something that will need to be decided upon. It is ultimately up to what will save you money in the long run. Let’s break down some gadgets and see which is better: fix or toss?

printer - Should You Fix or Toss: the Gadget Edition


Printers are really handy when you have a home office. Documents need to be pristine and the information should be legible. Any good printer will have years on its life before it starts to conk out. When it does, is it a fix or toss?

Toss. This is because even if you are able to repair your printer, there is very little assurance that you will get the same quality of prints again. Issues in printed material will require re-printing. That will consume ink and paper—both of which also cost additional money. In the long run, it is a wiser financial decision to toss your old printer and buy a new one. You can shop for one that comes with more features and is more cost effective when it comes to ink consumption.


Laptops are the lifeblood of any worker on the go. Most young professionals work on a laptop as it enables them to work from anywhere. They consume less energy as you can unplug them after they are done charging. When your laptop starts to mess up, which would be better: fix or toss?

Fix. Laptops have a lot of pieces that can be replaced when the start to mess up. Sometimes all it takes is a trip to your trusted computer shop to work out the kinks. However, when your laptop has lived quite a life with you and you have fixed it several times through the years, it is better to toss it.

tablet - Should You Fix or Toss: the Gadget Edition


Tablets are useful for those who like to be entertained while on the go. They are also handy for paperless offices who want their employees to stay in touch and be on the network. There are apps that can be used to keep everyone connected. When the tablet starts to mess up, what is the better option: fix or toss?

Toss. Tablets are generally hard to repair. They have a lot of micro parts that require specialized replacements. Most of them are not meant to be modular. You may end up spending the same amount of money to buy a new gadget when you try to have your tablet repaired.

With this, do an analysis of your present gadgets. When they break down, what you going to do: fix or toss?