Big Savings: T-Mobile Offers for New Customers

T-Mobile is a carrier that offers a lot of savings for new clients. Today, we take a closer look at some deals they have had in order to give you a better idea of what you can expect. Target Mobile Welcome, as you may know, always aims to provide our readers with good discussions about finances.

When it comes to the topic of mobile phones, there are certain buys that just make plain sense. Not only do they offer great services but they can be quite friendly for the budget as well. Here are a few of the good offers that you can expect from T-Mobile:

samsung - Big Savings: T-Mobile Offers for New Customers

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

This phone was pretty remarkable when it was launched back in 2011. While may not hold up in today’s specifications, it’s still a pretty reliable starter phone. This is a fairly good option for families with kids who they want to provide a social media free existence. When it was first launched it was valued at around $80 but it comes free with a new T-Mobile account.

In terms of specifications, it carried a 3MP rear camera. It does not have WiFi capability, making it a good option for a strictly calls phone.

All you had to do was to go to a certified dealer in order to make the deals.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

This device was launched in 2012 but is still a fairly sturdy and reliable starter device. If you, personally, wanted to have a device but were not comfortable paying for the more expensive options out there, this phone works. It’s fairly large with its 5.5 inch and WiFi ready capacity. The rear camera is an 8MP one. So while it’s not on par with the best out there, it still can give you some pretty good shots.

When it launched, it retailed for around $420 but if you were to get a new account with T-Mobile, all you had to do was pay $300.

nokia - Big Savings: T-Mobile Offers for New Customers

Nokia Lumia 810

Also released in 2012, it has enjoyed quite the success at being a good starter phone for many. What makes this phone stand out was the fact that it had Corning Gorilla Glass 2—one of the toughest surfaces for a mobile phone. You can drop the thing and you can be assured that it is not going to crack or shatter; like what you would come to expect from the iPhones of the world.

It comes at $80 with a new T-Mobile Account.

Do take note that these deals may have already lapsed. However, the purpose of this was to show you the great deals and savings that you can get if you were to open a new account with T-Mobile. There are now better deals with updated mobile gadgets.

All you need to do is to a bit of research on what sort of phone you would like and what phone would be able to meet your needs. Yes, liking something and actually needing it are two different things. If you wanted to take good care of your finances, you will take on the starter deals that a good carrier like T-Mobile would provide for you.