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DRAFT - About Us

Welcome to Target Mobile Store!

The name is Damon and this is my website. I have over twenty years of experience in the field of personal finance and I wanted to share my thoughts and my life lessons. I came up with the idea of Target Mobile Welcome because other than being a financial guru, I have quite the affection for mobile devices—mobile phones, specifically! I also like to multitask—like a lot!

I plan to combine my two loves in to a cohesive delivery of on-point discussions about credit, personal loans, and other financial issues that permeate the sphere of daily consumer existence. I am not alone in this endeavor either!

This website comes packed with other talented people from the world of finance and technology. When I pitched the idea to them over dinner several years ago, things just seemed to click. I certainly hope that you join us as we share our hard earned experiences!

If you happen to have any form of question or suggestion, you can reach me (or the other writers) at 954-967-7848. Let’s begin your journey through the world of finances with a bit of information about mobile phones on the side.