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Ways to Sell Mobiles Online

Ways to Sell Mobile Phones

Today, it is quite impossible to see an individual who is not busy with his or her smartphone. Everyone is busy with it as if their life depends on a gadget. This is taken advantage by a tenfold of entrepreneurs out there who look at the opportunity to start a business. If you are one of these “entrepreneurs” who want to be a part of the trend, it is just right that you know where to begin.

To sell mobile phones online may be a challenge. Yes, it is because there are still traditional stores around the place. However, the increasing amount of smartphones, together with its broadness, should be used to your own benefit. The market is promising and it seems to be here to stay with the use demand from consumers.

If you want to succeed in this venture, here is a guide so that you can build your very own mobile and ecommerce store online. What can you do as a beginner?

Steps to Prosper

Look for a reliable product source

The idea of opening your own online business is to generate profits and earn money. In order for this to occur, the source of product is crucial. This is when you have to decide what the price of the product is and even the margin that you have to earn when you sell it. There are wholesalers who offer mobile accessories and mobile phones. Talking to these respective companies may make a difference. Keep in touch with the distributor and win the mobile phones at an affordable price.

Come up with a product catalog for selling and promotion

Doing this means first – you have to decide the categories you will feature. They should be the offering of your online store. Second – define the prices of your products and monitor them. Research is crucial here because you also have to compare them to that of your competitors. Another is for you to prepare images. And lastly, work on your product descriptions. You may hire a writer for this if you think it is necessary.

Prepare your website

Since you are operating virtually, you have to remember that your page will serve as the face of your entire online store. Reviews and credentials from websites like helps create more credibility and trust to your website. It does not matter what type of ecommerce platform you opt to utilize, it would still be needed to select a design which is going to provide a technical feeling. For instance, stay away from the colors pink and yellow when you are offering mobile phones. Be more neutral so that you can fit any type of audiences!

Determine your payment method as you sell online

If you want to reach more customers, you may employ both the online and COD method. They are surely going to broaden your traffic. For those expensive mobiles, you may want to stay away from COD though. However, do not be restricted because you can still secure a payment which is another good idea to ponder. This is a way to entice more buyers!

Can You Start a Mobile Store with Little Investment?

targetmobilestore blog4 - Can You Start a Mobile Store with Little Investment?

It is not surprising that there are individuals out there who intend to come up with an application development business. Usually, they would see this as a chance for them to begin earning twice as what they obtain from their regular jobs. With such, most would surely pursue this over what they usually do to earn a living. Well, there are individuals out there who really get lucky as far as this venture is concerned. However, not everyone is in the same fortune. Prior to entering the entrepreneurial world, it would be ideal to chalk out and plot a solid business plan. This should also reflect a clear understanding of the way the mobile application development industry works. Is this even possible?

If you are set to put up your mobile store, or even mobile application development business, there are tips that you must consider.

How to Start a Business for You

Please take note of the following:

  • First of all, do not fail to sign up as a developer. In doing so, you may begin with the basics. With such, you can gain access to the iOS and Android application stores. This is just right considering that these are the biggest players in the market these days. It would always be essential that you sign up first. When you are already completed, you may have to submit to the two application stores so that the process may become official. There will be a review process in this. It would typically require the checking of the application quality, interface, among others. It is also necessary that there is no embedding of malware or spam in the application per se.
  • When your application is already accepted, it is about time to list yours in their store. This is a chance for you to obtain their 70% selling price. The rest of the amount here must be found in the application stores after. Getting into the game must be learned to. Once you sign up in the developer of the Apple iOS for instance, it would most likely cost $99 per annum. When it comes to Android, you might need a one-time settlement of $25 in order for it to work, as far as the Developer Console is talked about.

With all of these, please understand that there might be additional hats to wear. This refers to the obligation that you may have to fulfill for example. To have your own business would demand for your time. Basically, it would be asked to be more flexible. There are also other responsibilities that you have to perform. For whatever it is worth, please ensure that you are going to handle it efficiently and nothing else.

For example, once you have begun a business, and focused on a sole proprietorship basis, you may have to deal with various things including designing, testing, marketing and interacting with clients. There are also legal matters that have to be handled in here. Take a look at them for whatever it is worth.

Starting a Mobile Wireless Business

TargetMobileStore - Starting a Mobile Wireless Business

There has been an increase in mobile device penetration observed today. As a matter of fact, it has made a mobile wireless business luxurious in nature. Indeed, the growing trend in the adaption of mobility has become a fueled trend. The venture may be the same. There are still many individuals out there who plan to extensively do exactly the same for a couple of years more.

If you are one of these people who want to succeed in putting up a mobile wireless business, you can follow simple steps in order to make this even more feasible. What are these?

What to Do?

To get you going, these are the procedures that you may want to look upon:

Business Registration

This kind of procedure usually begins through a market research. To register the business name must follow here. In the process, it must be unique and simple. Usually, the registration deals about the concerned authority which is based on the rules and regulations.

Secure a TAX ID and an EIN Number

Once you have obtained an ID number from an Internal Revenue Service, the agency for the tax collection and even the administration of internal revenue code will be included. However, for those who want to think about starting a business as that of a sole proprietorship without the presence of an employee, there will no longer be a need to have a tax ID number. This is when the social security number may work as the tax ID number.

Business Plan Development

To own this is another step. Basically, a plan is essential so that most business financers are given the chance to know the person who wants to start the business. The idea here is to have a sound understanding of both the customers and clients. This must be made a part of it for whatever it is worth.

Carrier Contract Understanding

It is ideal to develop a vast understanding of various wireless companies out there that are determined to enter a contract. Basically, the terms and conditions must be looked upon. They should not be considered a failure only to comply with the same result most especially as far as the termination is concerned. This is important too.

Application to be an Authorized Reseller

In order to be an authorized reseller, there will be a need to apply. This must transpire with a chosen carrier. The truth is that corporate hurdles may be expected. However, when they are already overcome, the road will surely be smooth. Carriers should show interest to learn more about a particular sales experience. This should occur prior to providing the reseller status. It would help to think about this too.

Just think about the perfect location and you are definitely free to open a store here. There are attractive layouts out there that can engage visitors for sure. You must find ways so that you do not have to bear costs with your employees though. This should work with a virtual or online store.

Differentiating a Financial Coach from an Adviser

targetmobilestore blog3 - Differentiating a Financial Coach from an Adviser

Today, a new concept in the form of “financial life coaching” has been introduced to the public. This is a new profession in the field which is responsible for the treatment of life and money. This is considered to be a holistic approach. Basically, this kind of approach has been adopted by many. For so many times, it is intertwined with the idea of financial advising. Now the question is – is there a difference between a financial coach and financial adviser?

Learning the Difference

Financial coaching is quite a foreign idea to many. What is it all about? How is it far from being a financial adviser? Here are some of the answers:

  • Financial coaching can bring a tenfold of changes to the lives of many clients. They are almost synonymous with being a life coach.
  • In understanding this type of coaching, it is crucial to have an understanding of the distinctions of consumers. There has been a key concept about money here. The other one, on the other hand, has a new set of beliefs and virtues already.
  • The attitudes to money should also be looked upon. For instance, there are those who view money as the end itself. There are those on the other hand who see the money as a means to an end instead.
  • The idea is that the traditional is determined to make money as far as possible. They make use of the best features and deals whenever they can. They would even equate the value of money to status and ego.
  • Freeformers see their money to attain authenticity and express values. They are not going to spend theirs only for irrespective of cost. The spending criteria are usually written based on provenance, authenticity, uniqueness, discovery, and design.

The Attitude

It has been observed that the traditional are very responsive when it comes to financial advice. However, this is not true when it comes to coaching or planning. As for freeformers, they usually value the importance of financial advice because it is supported by unique and individual life. There is also a financial plan which has been born out of a deep coaching and also planning process.

Aside from the aforementioned, Freeformers also have a full understanding of the link involved in life and money. This is why they usually respond to coaching well. They can also address pressing issues regarding the problem. When it comes to Traditional, there is no powerful connection involved in life and money. As this is the case, response to financial life coaching may not be evident at all.

Getting Help with Personal Finances

Financial advice has always been product-focused. This may be linked to financial planning which has a deeper approach than that of advice. This is most likely to ascertain the financial goals of the client. This can be effective to the development of the best scheme when it comes to financing. This should work accordingly. There are also recommendations in this. Check them out too!

Simple Questions You Need to Ask Moneylender Brokers

targetmobilestore blog2 - Simple Questions You Need to Ask Moneylender Brokers

Money brokers serve as a bridge for people who are in need of funds. Payday loan is a popular choice when it comes to moneylending. Just like any other, hard money lending comes with its own advantages, and disadvantages too. However, these misuses may be taken lightly if you have a person to work with – and that is when a money broker plays an important role.

If you think about hiring a broker so that borrowing money becomes easier, there are questions that you have to ask before selecting the right one for you. What are these?

Questions to Raise Your Moneylender Brokers

In selecting, you have to ask certain questions so that you may work with the right people. What are these?

What are your experiences?

There is a big possibility that a lender deals with one state or more. It has to be certified by the state regulatory agencies which provide services. As this is the case, ensure that the lender carries additional NMLS, or National Mortgage Licensing System. This is a chance for you to know what their previous activities were. You will also have an idea about the kinds of borrowers they typically assist. These are too important to be missed.

What is the ratio of your loan and value?

Little do people know that most money lenders charge lower fees as compared to that of traditional loans. For instance, if the value is 80%, there will be an $80,000 for a property which costs $100,000. But then, the loan-to-value property deals with around 60 to 50% only. That is the difference. At least, there is no longer a need for you to look for other providers which will cover the rest of the money you borrowed.

What are your terms?

Please know that there is a unique transaction for hard money loans than conventional loans. There are still people who are not aware of this. You do not have to be overwhelmed with the paperwork you have to sign, and do. As a client, you have to make sure that you understand all the terms in the agreement. These money brokers offer a myriad of lending programs. A ton of them are even flexible, that they are customized depending on the situation of the person.

What is your interest rate?

There are notorious money lenders out there that will assign high interest rates to their customers. This may even be twice against conventional loans. Good thing, lenders are not the same. While it is true that the market is competitive, you still deserve a reasonable rate. This is why you should ask this to your lender.

The mentioned are just some of the questions you can ask your provider. Do not shy away in doing so! At the end of the day, the success of your journey towards the best money lender lies on your diligence to research, and study all the options. Give this time, and you will surely have a smooth flowing transaction!

How Do You Control Your Bad Money Habits?

targetmobilestore blog1 - How Do You Control Your Bad Money Habits?

To change your bad money habits will be a struggle. It is not easy, but it is a challenging goal to attain. With this, it is crucial that you are determined to control your finances. This is the time when your firm decision-making skills come to place. Afterall, this is a commitment you have to pledge on a long-term basis.

Who wants to end up frittering their savings away for nothing? This is the last person you would want to be. Good thing, it is never too late to do something with your finances.

The real problem is that there are those people who do not realize the importance of preparing for the future. Saving should always be a priority. This is the best way to retire. How will you do it?

Breaking Your Bad Money Habits

It is never too late to break your bad money habits. It will only take a matter of discipline and focus. What can you do in order to start? Here are some tips you might want to consider:

Stand firm in your decision!

To stop your bad money habits is a decision you have to make. You have to be firm about it. If you are not submitting yourself fully to it, it will not materialize.

As this is the idea, be the first person to change and control your finances. This has the power to alter your life optimistically. Every single day will be a challenge but it will be worth it!

Manage your finances!

Do not get this wrong. There is no need for you to begin living below means so that you may achieve the financial situations you are eyeing for. Instead, master the art of control. If you must, postpone your pleasure so that you can concentrate on the things that really matter.

The general problem for most people is that they do not have a full understanding of how important it is to save for the future. They make such the last priority. They only save when there is an excess money, which is not the right practice.

Work on your debt!

Real talk – the real predator when it comes to financial problem is not just debt, but the kind of it. There are good and bad debts. As the name implies, you surely have an idea what the main difference is.

Good debt refers to your investment. Have you invested in assets? This is responsible for allowing you to earn more money. Bad debt occurs when money is only taken away from you without return. Debts on pleasurable things including cars and clothes are just bad. They will not help you grow yet.

As said, the only way to realize the aforementioned is when you are ready to commit. Breaking your bad money habits will not happen overnight. But it is achievable if you will only work hard. You just have to focus on your goal! You will surely feel the effects of this in the long run!

Big Savings: T-Mobile Offers for New Customers

Blog8 - Big Savings: T-Mobile Offers for New Customers

T-Mobile is a carrier that offers a lot of savings for new clients. Today, we take a closer look at some deals they have had in order to give you a better idea of what you can expect. Target Mobile Welcome, as you may know, always aims to provide our readers with good discussions about finances.

When it comes to the topic of mobile phones, there are certain buys that just make plain sense. Not only do they offer great services but they can be quite friendly for the budget as well. Here are a few of the good offers that you can expect from T-Mobile:

samsung - Big Savings: T-Mobile Offers for New Customers

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G

This phone was pretty remarkable when it was launched back in 2011. While may not hold up in today’s specifications, it’s still a pretty reliable starter phone. This is a fairly good option for families with kids who they want to provide a social media free existence. When it was first launched it was valued at around $80 but it comes free with a new T-Mobile account.

In terms of specifications, it carried a 3MP rear camera. It does not have WiFi capability, making it a good option for a strictly calls phone.

All you had to do was to go to a certified dealer in order to make the deals.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

This device was launched in 2012 but is still a fairly sturdy and reliable starter device. If you, personally, wanted to have a device but were not comfortable paying for the more expensive options out there, this phone works. It’s fairly large with its 5.5 inch and WiFi ready capacity. The rear camera is an 8MP one. So while it’s not on par with the best out there, it still can give you some pretty good shots.

When it launched, it retailed for around $420 but if you were to get a new account with T-Mobile, all you had to do was pay $300.

nokia - Big Savings: T-Mobile Offers for New Customers

Nokia Lumia 810

Also released in 2012, it has enjoyed quite the success at being a good starter phone for many. What makes this phone stand out was the fact that it had Corning Gorilla Glass 2—one of the toughest surfaces for a mobile phone. You can drop the thing and you can be assured that it is not going to crack or shatter; like what you would come to expect from the iPhones of the world.

It comes at $80 with a new T-Mobile Account.

Do take note that these deals may have already lapsed. However, the purpose of this was to show you the great deals and savings that you can get if you were to open a new account with T-Mobile. There are now better deals with updated mobile gadgets.

All you need to do is to a bit of research on what sort of phone you would like and what phone would be able to meet your needs. Yes, liking something and actually needing it are two different things. If you wanted to take good care of your finances, you will take on the starter deals that a good carrier like T-Mobile would provide for you.

Relationship Deal-breakers: Financial Details You Must Never Lie About

Blog7 - Relationship Deal-breakers: Financial Details You Must Never Lie About

Traversing finances is tough enough when you are single. Being in a relationship is tougher. Today, we talk about the financial details you must never lie to your partner about. A relationship is more than just the combination of two unique individuals. It is also a unification of financial responsibilities.

When you are in a long haul relationship, there are certain things about your finances that must never be lied about. Here are some of them:


Nothing kills romance like crippling debt. Debt happens to the best of us and it is not something that you should hide from someone that you are in a long-term relationship with. It would be important to give your partner the option of deciding if they want to deal with your debt or not. It is ultimately unfair of you to keep something that could ruin both your credit ratings to yourself.

You never know, your partner may be the understanding type and may even help you with paying off your debt.

nm2 - Relationship Deal-breakers: Financial Details You Must Never Lie About

Source of Income

When you are both working toward a future together, it makes no sense to lie about your source of income. Emotion should play second fiddle when it comes to the topic of finances. While you would never appreciate it if your partner lied about where they were getting their money, you should afford that same respect for them.

Be honest about your source of income and how much you make. When you do not trust your partner with critical information about yourself, you are primarily setting yourself up for failure. Being clear about how much you make can make planning for your future purchases and financial investments easier.

nm1 - Relationship Deal-breakers: Financial Details You Must Never Lie About

Financial Responsibilities

This should not be confused with debt. Financial responsibilities refer to car payments, utilities, groceries, gas, and all the lovely little things that bug our wallets on a monthly basis. Are you helping out a family member with their finances? Are you sending a sibling to school? These are regular financial responsibilities that may take a bite out of your monthly income.

If your partner has an idea of how much you should be making but you are not saying where it is going. They may start to suspect something suspicious is going on. A relationship requires two people willing to be frank with each other. If your partner cannot rely on you for the truth, what is the point of being together?

In Closing

If you do plan on staying with your partner for the rest of your life, you must be honest about your financial standing. If they do not accept any of this, then you should take that as a clear sign that they are not the right person for you.

The topic of finances is something that must be approached with open minds and clear intent. This saves you from any trouble down the road. So with this, it would be time to reevaluate the financial details that you have been lying about. Good luck!

Should You Fix or Toss: the Gadget Edition

Blog6 - Should You Fix or Toss: the Gadget Edition

Everyone has gadgets these days. However, it is only a matter of time when they start to mess up or breakdown. In that case which is the better financial decision: fix it or toss it out? There are a lot of reasons why gadgets are primarily indispensible. They make it easy to stay in touch, they allow you to work from anywhere, and it allows you to stay in touch with the latest updates and important news.

While it is unfortunate that with constant use and even some unforeseen accidents gadgets will start messing up, it is something that will need to be decided upon. It is ultimately up to what will save you money in the long run. Let’s break down some gadgets and see which is better: fix or toss?

printer - Should You Fix or Toss: the Gadget Edition


Printers are really handy when you have a home office. Documents need to be pristine and the information should be legible. Any good printer will have years on its life before it starts to conk out. When it does, is it a fix or toss?

Toss. This is because even if you are able to repair your printer, there is very little assurance that you will get the same quality of prints again. Issues in printed material will require re-printing. That will consume ink and paper—both of which also cost additional money. In the long run, it is a wiser financial decision to toss your old printer and buy a new one. You can shop for one that comes with more features and is more cost effective when it comes to ink consumption.


Laptops are the lifeblood of any worker on the go. Most young professionals work on a laptop as it enables them to work from anywhere. They consume less energy as you can unplug them after they are done charging. When your laptop starts to mess up, which would be better: fix or toss?

Fix. Laptops have a lot of pieces that can be replaced when the start to mess up. Sometimes all it takes is a trip to your trusted computer shop to work out the kinks. However, when your laptop has lived quite a life with you and you have fixed it several times through the years, it is better to toss it.

tablet - Should You Fix or Toss: the Gadget Edition


Tablets are useful for those who like to be entertained while on the go. They are also handy for paperless offices who want their employees to stay in touch and be on the network. There are apps that can be used to keep everyone connected. When the tablet starts to mess up, what is the better option: fix or toss?

Toss. Tablets are generally hard to repair. They have a lot of micro parts that require specialized replacements. Most of them are not meant to be modular. You may end up spending the same amount of money to buy a new gadget when you try to have your tablet repaired.

With this, do an analysis of your present gadgets. When they break down, what you going to do: fix or toss?

The Extreme Advantage of Youth: Finance Tips to Apply to Get Ahead in Life

Blog5 - The Extreme Advantage of Youth: Finance Tips to Apply to Get Ahead in Life

When you are young, the world is your oyster. This is the time to experiment, make mistakes, and safeguard your future. Tune in as we discuss some lifesaving finance tips to get ahead in life. Last month, we discussed what common financial straits those in their sixties commonly face today. It was not with the intent to scare or terrify but to inform.

We continue that trend with more financial tips you can fully apply now in order to get ahead in the game of life.

Build a budget and STICK to it

You have probably heard the word budget being thrown around all of your lives. It is a topic that you will continue to hear as you go on throughout your life. This is simply because it is one of the more basic things that a lot of people end up neglecting. Having a clear budget makes all financial aspects easier to keep track of and easier to deal with.

It can be easy to go beyond budget because of the mentality of “it’s just a small thing”. That “small thing” can stack up over time if you are not careful. Beat the “treat yourself” mentality and remember that you are planning for the long haul and not just for the quickie round.

img1 - The Extreme Advantage of Youth: Finance Tips to Apply to Get Ahead in Life

Track your spending

On the continuing vein, it would be important to track any and all spending that you do within and outside of your budget.

There are a variety of methods in which a budget could be created and maintained. There are a lot of mobile apps you can get in Google Play or in the App Store. Personally, some of us who use Android trust Money Lover to plan and track spending. It is a great way to keep abreast of where your money goes.

Get insurance

A lot of people neglect to get insurance for the important things in life: vehicle, home, and life. Often, young people do not realize how big of a help insurance can be in the event of an emergency or an accident. While you are young, getting insurance will be one of the better things that you can do for your finances.

While the monthly payments might seem unnecessary or too much, that can all be solved just be picking an insurance company that works well for your needs. The earlier you get started on your insurance, the better payout or better policies you get later on in your life.

img2 - The Extreme Advantage of Youth: Finance Tips to Apply to Get Ahead in Life

Never neglect your payables

Your credit score is something that you must take care of. It will determine what you are able to procure in the future. The better your credit score, the easier things will go for you. Be mindful of all your payables and never miss a payment deadline. A great way to avoid this from happening is to stick to your budget and simplify your life.

Keep a sharp eye on your billing statements for anything out of the ordinary. Anomalies need to be straightened out right away in order to keep your credit score intact.

Keep Yourself Out Of Debt

Credit cards and personal loans will always be there to tempt you, as a human in nature likes attention and some may end up getting into debt to buy things they cannot afford to impress people. Never get a loan from an illegal money lender because you will get into deeper debts you will not be able to repay. Get a loan from the best licensed money lender instead as they are regulated by the government.